♥Same Old Stuff♥

Same Old Stuff, brand new blog.....
I have now retired (god I feel so old saying that lol) from scrap making, in all truth there are 2 reasons for this....
1 - my heart just isn't in it anymore, when you're heart is no longer in something there is no point carrying on
2 - it seems every Tom, Dick and Harry is now making scraps, I am not fighting for a sale. It's not worth the hassle or the cash outlay to make a few bucks
So I'm leaving the scrapping world, maybe if the bug ever bites me again I'll return but until then....
So this brings me neatly here....Same Old Stuff, I've got back to my passion, making tags and writing tutorials. My tut site has been sooo neglected these past 12 months, so I'm going back to that. I've also discovered how to make blog layouts (thanks girls you know who you are) so I may whip up a few freebies and share them here....this is just my space for ramblings and such...

Sunday, 13 September 2009

New Tutorials

I've got 4 new tutorials on my site, 1 brand new today and the others are a few days old. I meant to come and post about them the other day but I got side tracked with something else and clean forgot, I'm good at that lol

The 1st is called Chaos Angel, this was written using a lovely kit by Chaos Priestess for the Chaos Angels forum birthday. You can find it [link]

2nd is Rock Star, which you can find [link]

3rd is Simplictic Beauty, a nice forum sized tag. This tag has some mild animation which of course blogger does not want you to see. [link]

And lastly we have Hot Hot Hot, using one of the exclusive templates I made for the Creative Misfits forum, you can find the tut [link]

Monday, 7 September 2009


I got my 1st award on my new blog woo hoo...
Both Fiona over at Fiona Desginz [link] & Jynxi from Jynxi's Place [link] sent me this lovely award

I got this award from Fiona & Jynxi
thank you very much ♥

Here are the guidelines for accepting the award:
1 - Display the prize.
2 - Link to the Blog from whom you received it.
3 - Nominate 7 or more blogs.
4 - Leave a message on their blog, letting them know they have received it.

Here it goes:
Mary - http://shedoestri.blogspot.com
Jo - http://creationzbyjo.blogspot.com
Yarrow - http://fall3nangelscrapz.blogspot.com/
Chaos Preistess - http://chaospriestess.blogspot.com/
Rags - http://scrapsbyrags.blogspot.com/
EhKho - http://ehkho.blogspot.com
Monti - http://montisimletters.blogspot.com


I created some templates for the challenge over at Creative Misfits...I'm still a beginner when it comes to making templates but I wanted to give it a try...

This is what I came up with

As these were made for Misfits, ou can only download the from their blog, [link] but there's loads of other cool templates and scraps there too. The girls are misfits are a very talented bunch


Sunday, 6 September 2009

Tut Site Moved

Just a quick post to let you know I've moved to my tut site over to my other domain, saving pennies and all that lol
Please update you links/bookmarks etc etc to reflect this move

You can find me at my new home - http://s0s.sinfulcreativity.com


Saturday, 22 August 2009

New Blinkies

I couldn't sleep last night, so while I was uploading tags for my always list and the Tagging Me Tagging You game @ Creative Misfits, I thought I'd play in psp and make some new blinkies for my blog..

For some reason I actually find making blinkies quite relaxing. I need to make a couple of new ones for my web site too might do those later on.

Anyway new blinkies lol oh crap blogger doesn't like animated things so I can't add a preview here (grrr @ blogger) they need to fix that crap!!

So new blinkies are over there ----->


Friday, 21 August 2009

New Tutorial @ Fi's Fault

I've just posted a new tutorial over on my tut site..called Elias Girl and you can find it [link]
It doesn't use any scraps or elements, just what PSP gives you and a texture and I think you get a lovely results. It's a forum sized tag but can easily be adjusted to make a standard sized tag

Here's a couple of previews:

This one I amde a while ago, but it uses the same basic principle, I just made the image slightly smaller so I could add a drop shadow and remove the frame

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

My First Template & 3 New Tuts

My first proper template, well properish lol...is properish a real word?? Ack I dunno and I don't care lol
It's only a very basic template but it's a start and it was actually made for a tutorial I wrote, but posting it in it's own right too

You can download it [link] its compatable with PSP7 upwards if you need it in PSD let me know and I'll convertto PSD and upload here too

This is the tutorial I used the template in :)

It's called Naughty Barb and you can find it [link] it's actually animated but blogger doesn't like animated tags

I also have 2 more new tutorials...

Hooters [link]

and Did Someone Say... [link]

Feedback/Comments are appreciated (they always are), I've now added a chat box so you can leave me a message there :)