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Same Old Stuff, brand new blog.....
I have now retired (god I feel so old saying that lol) from scrap making, in all truth there are 2 reasons for this....
1 - my heart just isn't in it anymore, when you're heart is no longer in something there is no point carrying on
2 - it seems every Tom, Dick and Harry is now making scraps, I am not fighting for a sale. It's not worth the hassle or the cash outlay to make a few bucks
So I'm leaving the scrapping world, maybe if the bug ever bites me again I'll return but until then....
So this brings me neatly here....Same Old Stuff, I've got back to my passion, making tags and writing tutorials. My tut site has been sooo neglected these past 12 months, so I'm going back to that. I've also discovered how to make blog layouts (thanks girls you know who you are) so I may whip up a few freebies and share them here....this is just my space for ramblings and such...

Saturday, 22 August 2009

New Blinkies

I couldn't sleep last night, so while I was uploading tags for my always list and the Tagging Me Tagging You game @ Creative Misfits, I thought I'd play in psp and make some new blinkies for my blog..

For some reason I actually find making blinkies quite relaxing. I need to make a couple of new ones for my web site too might do those later on.

Anyway new blinkies lol oh crap blogger doesn't like animated things so I can't add a preview here (grrr @ blogger) they need to fix that crap!!

So new blinkies are over there ----->


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