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Same Old Stuff, brand new blog.....
I have now retired (god I feel so old saying that lol) from scrap making, in all truth there are 2 reasons for this....
1 - my heart just isn't in it anymore, when you're heart is no longer in something there is no point carrying on
2 - it seems every Tom, Dick and Harry is now making scraps, I am not fighting for a sale. It's not worth the hassle or the cash outlay to make a few bucks
So I'm leaving the scrapping world, maybe if the bug ever bites me again I'll return but until then....
So this brings me neatly here....Same Old Stuff, I've got back to my passion, making tags and writing tutorials. My tut site has been sooo neglected these past 12 months, so I'm going back to that. I've also discovered how to make blog layouts (thanks girls you know who you are) so I may whip up a few freebies and share them here....this is just my space for ramblings and such...

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

On A Roll.....

I'm on a roll today woo hoo, I've made another 2 sets of snags and a new blog layout *does a dance round her office like the looney she is* Plus I made a few tags for my always list and some randoms for a group I'm in, phew. It's so nice to get back to tagging, scrapping was becoming a slight chore and with my 4 kids, husband, dog and cat I have enough of those already!

Remembering the previews this time....

Preview of Flutterby Love

Artwork is ©Anthony Guerra & licensed through CILM, snags can be found [link]


Preview of She Be Rockin'

Artwork is ©Mark Wasyl & he is also licensed through CILM, snags can be found [link]


And last but not least, here's the blog layout I made, this matches the She be Rockin snags.
Just click to get the bigger/full size image and save to your pc..then upload and add as normal
I checked it on my test blog and it's lovely, you can view it [link] but this it will only remain there until I make another one


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